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Alcohol and weight loss

Is alcohol indulgence good for weight loss?  This article will stress out the facts for you to determine the pros and cons of alcohol when trying to losing weight If you are trying to lose weight

Drinking and weight loss.

When trying to lose weight, you must take into consideration your diet. What you eat. It is also equally important to take into consideration what you drink,

The reduction of drinking sugary fruit juices and sugary sodas will go a long way in helping you to check your weight. It will also be very helpful to you if you reduce or completely eliminate the consumption of alcoholic drinks when trying to lose weight.

The consumption of alcohol means more calorie intake. More calories mean more weight. A10 ounce of beer or soda can add 100 to hundreds of calories to your body depending on the alcoholic or sugar content of the drink. To fight stomach fats you can try one of the best tonic.  The  Okinawa flat belly tonic


Studies have indicated that alcohol use and obesity are related, when alcohol intake increases the choice we make in balanced, healthy diets decreases. People tend to eat unbalanced, less nutritious,high in fats diets when alcohol consumption goes up.


The drinking of alcohol can be more harmful and pose a  serious threat to your health if you are overweight than when you are in a weight range that can be considered fit or normal. 

Researchers have found that obese drinkers of alcohol have a higher risk, of about 50 percent or more chances of developing liver disease and other diseases when compared to people who are not obese. This study was carried out between the ages of 40 and 69  for about 5 million people for an average of 10.5 years.  alcohol. 

ur body cannot store alcohol, Repeated consumption of alcohol slows down the metabolism process which can lead to obesity as our body stores more body fats.

             Alcohol, sleep, and weight loss

Some say moderation is key but alcohol can affect your sleep, whether it’s a  glass of wine or several cocktails before bed. Research that studied  4,098 adults and measured the impact of alcohol on sleep patterns, reveals that as small as 0.25 grams of alcohol per 1 kilogram of study participant’s weight resulted in a 9% reduction in the quality of sleep. The higher the alcohol intake the worse the sleep quality.

The lower the quality of sleep you have, the harder it is for you to lose weight. If you are not having adequate sleep, it will be harder for you to lose weight

         Slows down your Digestive System

Alcohol consumption slows down your digestive system. When you drink alcohol your body starts to process the alcohol while storing the food nutrients as fats, carbohydrates, and proteins, thus slowing down the digestive process. The body processes the alcohol while storing nutrients in your body thereby increasing your body weight. When this is repeated, you gain more and more weight.


Quitting Alcohol Can Curb Cravings and help in  reducing weight

Alcohol like beer and fruit juice contains lots of calories. The quitting of drinking these liquids will cut down calories, thus helping you to lose weight

It will be better for you to try alternatives like mocktails, berry fusion, or kombucha drinks, ginger beer without sugar, or go for peach and cucumber fizz or Jlapeño and kiwi sour. These are a few non-sugary, non-alcoholic drinks that are good for people going through weight loss programs.

You can say, no more than you, I don’t drink to turn down drinks and give an excuse. Though you do not owe anyone an excuse

Choose the right food and drinks to suit your weight loss journey.

Eat less portions and calculate your calories per day, sleep well. Keep a positive attitude towards life and incorporate some exercise or be more active. This will go a long way of keeping the extra fats away.


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