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     What is activated Charcoal?

ACTIVATED charcoal is a black odorless powder made from the char of peat, coconut shell, sawdust or olive pits, petroleum coke in very high temperature. The very high temperature at which the activated charcoal is processed makes it different from the briquettes charcoal used for barbecue though both are made from the same base material.

Is activated charcoal a natural detoxifier? In times activated charcoal which is been used for water filtration, poisoning and overdoses is now become a detoxifying product and other health-related issues range from teeth whitening to curing different types of ailments like diarrhea, kidney prIn conclusion problems, hangover,gas and detoxifying their bodies.

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    Health Benefits and Uses

       1. Used as Detoxifier

Activated charcoal becomes very porous in texture when processed at a very high temperature, this negative electrically charged compound attracts the positively charged molecules and traps the radicals which are expelled later. You can use other natural detox products like organic detox to detoxify your body

Toxins Chemicals and gas and thus prevent their absorption in the body. When activated charcoal traps the toxins they are then discharged through feces

       2.Used to treat drug overdose of drugs and poisoning.

Studies have shown that within five minutes of taken 50 – 100 grams of activated charcoal, it reduces the absorption of drugs in adults by about 74% Because of its ability to trap toxins and it is not absorbed by the body, it can be used to treat patients from drug overdose and poisoning by eliminating the overdose or poison through feces.( 2 trusted source)

It must be noted that activated charcoal little effect in cases of potassium, heavy metal, lithium, iron, alkali, acid, and alcohol poisoning

      3.Help reduce excess gas

Activated  Charcoal reduces bloating gas according to  some studies  

   4. May help treat wounds

Studies in 2016  indicate that activated charcoal and silver help reduce harmful fluids from chronic leg ulcers and when used as wound dressings the wound wound heal better than and faster than when other antimicrobial dressings are used. However MedlinePlus indicated that this substance is not helpful with Bedsore healing.

   5 May help with diarrhea

Activated Charcoal can trap toxins, diarrhea causing bacteria  may be prevented from been absorbed into the body

May reduce cholesterol levels

Activated Charcoal can bind cholesterol preventing the body from absorbing them compounds.

   6. Reduces fish odor syndrome

The taken of activated Charcoal reduce the syndrome from people suffering from TMA. A rotting fish odour smell resulting from a genetic condition called TMAU(  Trimethylamine. When activated charcoal is administered  the compound TMAU is trapped and eliminated through urine

Beneficial to Patients with chronic Kidney diseases

Patients with conditions  that their kidneys cannot properly filter waste from the body are administered activated charcoal to eliminate urea and other toxins from the body. Activated Charcoal is said to lower blood level and urea level  .More research is needed in this area to make conclusive  statement on this.

 Side effects and In Conclusion

For wellness and health reasons people are taking more activated charcoal supplements. There are warnings that activated charcoal should not be administered in all cases of poisoning and overdose and should only be used on a case by case basis There are reports of adverse use of activated charcoal which is why you need to be careful when using it. Activated Charcoal can trap toxins and can by so doing remove good bacteria from the gut and that might pose another risk. Activated Charcoal can prevent the absorption of the medication.

It is also reported to be used as a skin treatment for acne , snake and insect bite, but there are no conclusive studies backing this claims.

 Activated Charcoal can cause nausea, vomiting, and constipation  ( 2 trusted sources)

Activated Charcoal can worsen the cases of patients with symptoms of a rare genetic disease affecting the nervous system, skin, liver and gut called variegate porphyria.


Activated charcoal is found in pills ( capsules which I do buy from time to time in amazon. which is good for reducing bloating, gas and detoxifying your body )or powder forms and is used in a variety of ways and is generally safe to take. Activated Charcoal is used as a detoxifying , gas diarrhea, kidney, liver, as a product for overdose and poisoning. If you would like to take activated charcoal especially if you are under medication, pregnant, breastfeeding,  follow the instructions and dosage on the label. Although more studies are been carried out to determine its benefits and usage, there is no denying the fact that activated charcoal is popularly used to treat ailments medically and used as a beauty product.

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