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How can Chlorophyll help Weight loss? Can Chlorophyll Drink assist you to lose weight?


Chlorophyll, What is it? Chlorophyll is that green pigmentation that gives plants their color and enables plants through the process called photosynthesis to absorb energy and nutrients from the sunlight.

The proponents of chlorophyll assert that it can help reduce cancer risk,  boosts your energy and lower blood sugar, and so on, but the scientific evidence to back up these claims is still not conclusive.

         Chlorophyll and Weight Loss

Chlorophyll is associated with weight loss. Research suggests that chlorophyll intake which includes green leafy vegetables and or supplement reduces destructive cholesterol levels. Its alkaline properties and its ability to reduce craving for palatable foods can reduce calorie intake. The reduction of calories can help you to reduce weight. Your weight reduction effort will be more effective if you combine your routine intake of chlorophyll with exercise. The fad of chlorophyll water is all about ‘Chlorophyllin’, a water-soluble supplement, a semi-synthetic mixture of salts obtained from natural chlorophyll. It is rich in micronutrients and antioxidants and is seen to be faster on results as compared to chlorophyll-filled food. It is available at juice stores and online stores.

It must be pointed out that moderation is key as excessive intake of chlorophyll can have some side effects more studies are needed in this area.   If you want to burn stubborn fat in the belly, you should try Okinawa flat belly tonic for a fast result

           Chlorophyll and your Digestive System

Chlorophyll does improve and speed up your digestive system and by doing so increases the pace of fat burning in your system. Studies are still carried out with regards to chlorophyll’s ability to assist in weight loss.

 I usually eat green vegetables to get my chlorophyll. But it is only when I am unable to get the raw greens, then I resort to supplements to fill in. To manage your weight and detox your body with organic products, you should try organic detox which is one of the best.

  The food you should eat for chlorophyll 







Green Beans



   Risk and Side Effect

 Chlorophyll is safe to take and nontoxic, ingesting excess amounts of chlorophyll could result in chlorophyll poisoning, and can lead to stomach cramps, diarrhea, and loose bowel movements. Chlorophyll can color your tongue to look black or yellow or turn your feces or urine green and result in itching,

 ( MedlinePlus)

. Pregnant women should be cautious. better consult a doctor before indulging in the use of chlorophyll supplements. ( Linus Pauling Institute)


 9 Other Benefits of Chlorophyll        

  1. Boosting the immune system

Chlorophyll is packed with vitamin A, E, K, C, amino acids, nutrients, minerals, 

 beta carotenes and antioxidants and any natural ingredient that contains the properties mentioned above will surely boost your immune system.


             2. It helps to heal wounds.

When applied, to wounds chlorophyll can heal your wounds. These studies took place in the 50;s where chlorophyllin derived from chlorophyll to heal wounds and reduce odors in wounds. It must be noted that the ancient use of leaves to heal wounds goes way into the BC century. Chlorophyll is used to reduce inflammation and bacteria in wounds. 

     3For Damaged skin repair

A  2016 study revealed that sun-damaged skins can be repaired with the use of chlorophyllin. Its also used to reduce acne. However, more studies are been carried out to hel[p determine the benefits of chlorophyllin to skin conditions

        4.  Body Odors

Chlorophyll is used to reduce odors from wounds and odors from individuals with fishy odor, a condition with trimethylaminuria( a rotten fish odor smell),  Research found that chlorophyllin significantly decreased trimethyl amines. For bad breath, studies are still on as there is no conclusive evidence yet. The all-natural is a good one for cleansing the internal body.

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  1. 5. As an anti-aging product

Studies have shown that Chlorophyll can be used as an anti-aging product. Aging from sun exposure

      6. Building red blood cells

Studies have revealed that wheatgrass assists people with thalassemia, a condition of blood disorder in reducing their need for blood transfusion.  Chlorophyll builds and improves the quality of red blood cells. Chlorophyll is similar to hemoglobin, a protein that is essential in red blood cells as it carries oxygen around the body. In fact, Chlorophyll is nicknamed green blood for its similarity in structure to human blood. For these reasons, it helps in dizziness, fatigue, and low energy. But it must be noted that chlorophyll lacks irons so cannot be used alone for anemia that is due to lack of iron.

     7. As an antioxidant and cancer fighter

It may prevent cancer as an antioxidant. A 2018 ( trusted source) studies, shows that chlorophyll reduces the growth of pancreatic cancer cells.  An oral dose of chlorophyll reduces the pancreatic tumor cell on mice that was transferred from humans to mice  It could be concluded that chlorophyll gives your body more alkaline PH  properties. An alkaline PH balanced body helps to prevent diseases

like cancer

  8. Chlorophyll assists the liver in removing toxins from the body


 9. Reducing Inflammation, more so with patients with arthritis

  The alkaline properties and nutrients in chlorophyll help in reducing inflammation.

Side Effects and Conclusion;

Though nontoxic. There can be mild side effects that might occur on some people such as vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, green stools, and cramps, to some people. More rigorous studies are needed to determine the benefits of Chlorophyll. It can interact negatively with medication. Some experts believe that chlorophyll might have more benefits than have been studied and that the intake of Chlorophyll either through green leaves or supplements is a good thing. Some of these leafy greens with Chlorophyll are: Spinach














Green Beans

                    In  Summary

 Chlorophyll contains vitamin A, K, C, and  D. it is therefore advisable to eat your vegetables raw or mildly steamed to get the most of nutrients Supplements are effective and are available as, Green tea,  wheatgrass, Spirulina, barley grass, Blue-green algae,  Chlorella: in the form of pills, powder, oil, and liquid,  Supplements are preferred because chlorophyll processing reduces the nutrient contents of chlorophyll and the supplements contain copper rather than magnesium.

 Other options with Chlorophyll: Basil, Cilantro, Hemp seed, apple, kiwi, green grapes, pistachios are also rich in Chlorophyll. Consult with your Doctor to incorporate, especially if you have health concerns. There is no doubt of the enormous health benefit of chlorophyll.

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