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Fish Oil

What Is Fish Oil?

 Fish oil is the fat or oil that’s extracted from fish tissue. it helps us to get omega 3s  fatty acids since our body does not produce Omega 3 fatty acids. which protect us from certain diseases. It is derived from the liver of fish since fish oil like the Cod liver oil or from oily fish like mackerel, tuna, herrings, anchovies…So my eating these fish or take a fish supplement  you can obtain the benefits of fish oil

           Benefits of Fish Oil

  1. May Reduce Inflammation.

 Fish oil and supplements have anti-inflammatory properties that help to reduce pain and swelling. Anti-inflammatory properties do help  to improve in the treatment of diseases like diabetes, heart conditions, arthritis causing joint pain, rheumatoid, joint stiffness


  1. May Support Healthy Skin.

Our skin degenerates with age and with exposure to the sun. Fish oil and supplements contain Omega 3 fat which is essential  in repairing and preventing skin disorders and diseases like dermatitis and psoriasis


  1. May Support Pregnancy 

The oral intake of fish oil tends to reduce miscarriages and increase the pregnancy rate in women suffering from  antiphospholipid syndrome. There is evidence that suggests that women who regularly eat fatty fish two times a week reduces the risk of having endometrial cancer, which is a cancer of the lining of the uterus

  1. Reduce the rate of bone loss.

Research has shown that  taking fish oil  or a combination of calcium, primrose oil, and fish oil intake will increase bone density and reduce the rate of bone loss, more so in elderly people with osteoarthritis


  1. Help Treat Certain Mental Disorders.

Studies have shown that people with certain mental disorders have lower levels of omega 3 fats. Omega 3 fats are important for the healthy functioning of our brain. The intake of fish oil or its supplements can  reduce symptoms of certain mental disorders like bipolar disorder and  schizophrenia, although there are other studies that point out that the evidence is not conclusive


  1. Aid Weight Loss.

The use of fish oil supplement incorporated with some exercise will more effectively help to reduce  weight as obesity increases the risk of  diseases like diabetes and heart conditions


  1. Fish oil Support Eye Health. 

Omega 3 is needed for the healthy functioning of our eyes. It  assists in dry eyes, preventing and slowing age-related  macular degeneration diseases of the eye 


  1. May Support Heart Health.

Omega 3 fatty acid helps us from blood clotting. This is why fish oil is good for some heart conditions as research indicates that blockage of blood vessels is reduced by 45% to 50 % by the intake of fish oil for about 4 weeks. Higher intake of fish oil can reduce the risk of heart failure

  1. Provides good Cholesterol 

Fish oil research shows that it supports our health by providing good cholesterol and reduce bad fats in our liver, and good cholesterol lowers triglycerides by 20% to 50%  thus lowering blood pressure. Taking fish oil reduces abnormal cholesterol level resulting from HIV/AIDS treatments

  1. Helps children with ADHD, DCD and Bipolar    disorder

 Fish oil intake by children tends to help their mental and learning development in the early stage of life and help in curbing hyperactive behavior and lack of attention . Fish oil and evening primrose oil ( Novasel, Eye Q) helps reduce ADHD ( Attention deficit hyperactive disorder)Mental function,  behavior, and attention improves in children with Bipolar disorder, DCD and ADHD .on taking fish oil. 


Fish oil and hair growth

Fish oil intake can benefit your follicle thus assist in hair growth and density.  A study conducted on two groups of people with alopecia a male balding condition shows that about 80% of the group that was taking fish oil combined with flaxseed and antioxidant for six months , twice daily had an increased hair density and growth while the other group without fish supplement did not experience any hair growth. The journal of cosmetic Dermatologist conducted a similar study of two groups . One group was given vitamin E, C, and fish oil for six months, 62% of the group that was taking the supplements experienced hair growth and density while the other group without the supplements did not.

However, when it comes to hair the most important thing is to eat a balanced healthy  meal and use organic hair shampoo for your hair



Some triglyceride-lowering supplements are approved by the FDA( Food and Drug Administration). Certain fish oil supplements like Lovaza, Espanola, Omtryg are approved for treating triglyceride conditions. Taking fish oil is not a cure for diseases like dementia, alzheimer,  depression, stroke, kidney problems as there are conflicting results to studies on fish oil but fish oil do provide  very  healthy benefits by reducing, preventing  or lowering risk of some disea

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