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Golden seal Benefits including weightloss

What is Goldenseal   Can I use Goldenseal for weight loss? 

Goldenseal is the generic name of this herb. But also have other brand names like yellow puccoon orangeroot, berberine, eye balm, eye root, golden root, ground raspberry, Hydrastis Canadensis, Indian plant, jaundice root, and more.  It grows in the wild. It is a perennial plant of the buttercup family and takes between 4 to 5 years to reach maturity where it starts to produce flowers.  The name goldenseal is derived from the scars that form at the base of the stern.

Goldenseal is used as a herb for treating ringworm, conjunctivitis, diarrhea,  common cold, dysmenorrhea, flatulence, gastritis/colitis, mouth and gum sores,  urinary tract, and respiratory infections.

Does Goldenseal help indigestion?

Goldenseal is good digestion and it stimulates the secretion of bile.  It contains berberine which has been used against certain bacteria that cause diarrhea, including E. coli and V. cholera, and many other gastrointestinal problems.

Researchers indicated that berberine worked just as well as antibiotic treatment and was equally safe. (source)

It has also been used to treat the growth of H. pylori, a type of bacteria that can cause gastritis, ulcers, and even stomach cancer. 

Goldenseal has been used also for treating ulcers, stomach swelling (gastritis), peptic ulcers, diarrhea, constipation, hemorrhoids, and intestinal gas. 

                 1  Goldenseal can Fights Cancer

Studies have shown that berberine fights the development of cancer cells. One study published in the journal Phytomedicine indicated that berberine inhibited the growth of breast cancer cells to a larger degree than doxorubicin (a chemotherapy drug). (source) 

Berberine contains alkaline properties that can potentially kill the cancer tumor cell. Research on this is still preliminary but there are positive indications that show that goldenseal has some anticancer fighting capabilities.

                     2. Immune System Booster

Researchers indicated that plants like goldenseal may enhance immune function by increasing antigen-specific antibody production. A product containing goldenseal and echinacea is an awesome natural bronchitis remedy. 

Also, the University of Texas-Houston Medical School suggested that goldenseal’s effectiveness as an immune stimulant may be due to its ability to fight inflammatory cells (source). I often use nature’s answer goldenseal to boost my immune system

                   3. May help Eye & Mouth Problems

as mouthwash for sore throats, gum complaints, and canker sores (small ulcers in the mouth). For any of these concerns, a Goldenseal mouth rinse can help by reducing inflammation and get rid of bacterias that cause unpleasant conditions. 


     You can use goldenseal as a mouthwash by simply making a cup of goldenseal tea and letting it cool down before using it as a  mouth rinser. Or you can add five drops of liquid goldenseal extract to eight ounces of warm water with a teaspoon of salt and stir well and use it as a mouthwash.

Another way to use goldenseal is to wash your eye with it for any eye inflammation and eye infections like conjunctivitis or pink eye. However, it is advised to consult a healthcare provider before using it to wash your eye. 

            4.   Is Goldenseal  Good for Heart Health

The compound berberine in goldenseal has been shown to be useful in the treatment of heart failure. Goldenseal is thus said to be helpful for chronic congestive heart failure and  boost the overall function of the heart  (source).

              5. Goldenseal can Lower bad cholesterol

Goldenseal may help to lower cholesterol naturally and boost heart health.

A publication in the Journal of Lipid Research suggests that the root extract is very good in controlling the liver’s LDL (“bad” cholesterol) receptors and in reducing plasma cholesterol. Generally, the findings show goldenseal as an organic natural LDL-lowering agent. (source).

Goldenseal History & Interesting Facts

Goldenseal gets its name from the golden-yellow scars that form on the base of the stem when it is broken. The scars resemble a gold wax letter seal, hence the name.

                   6.  As natural antibiotics

Goldenseal is used in herbal remedies for treatments relating to flu and colds,  because of its natural antibiotic properties that boost the immune system.

It is also used to treat urinary tract infections, which are caused by bacterial overgrowth in the bladder. The berberine compound is useful in preventing infection-causing bacteria from damaging the urinary tract.  (source)

                7. Goldenseal for weight loss

Goldenseal can help you to lose weight in that it is a natural diuretic. It naturally removes excess water weight from your body. When you take goldenseal extract it will help you to urinate and sweat easily in order to get rid of unwanted toxins,  excess water and by doing so reduces your body weight. 

The berberine compound,it also has anti-inflammatory properties which help patients suffering from arthritis and other joint pains.  It  assists the joints movement and prevents the buildup of fluids and other materials that can hinder joint functions.

Studies are also done on this natural product with patients of HIV or  AIDS to see if it has any effect on their immune systems.  There has been no conclusive evidence produced yet to determine if it actually has a positive health impact,  studies are still in the preliminary stage.Goldenseal

               Dosage suggestion

Liquid Extract . Take 0.3-1.0 ml orally three times daily; 

Take 0.5-1 g orally three times daily

Tincture 2-4 ml orally three times daily; 1:10, 60% ethanol

Mouthwash,  three to four times daily.

Continuous usage of this herb  should not exceed three weeks, with a break period of at least two weeks before starting again.   Read the label instruction before use.

           Side Effects of Goldenseal and When to Avoid  Goldenseal 

Goldenseal does not have any serious side effects when consumed. But avoid it if you are a breastfeeding or pregnant women and patients with gastrointestinal conditions, inflammatory  conditions,  and children should not be taking  Goldenseal.

Moderation is key. Goldenseal is good for short term use . Overdose  of Goldenseal can lead to spasms, seizures:depression, cardiac damage, death, low blood pressure , nausea and vomiting, nervousness, paralysis, respiratory failure , shortness of breath and possible slow heartbeat.

If you are allergic to goldenseal, you are likely to experience one of these: Skin irritation, hallucination, excitability., constipation, delirium, digestive disorders, Irritation of the mouth, throat, or vagina irritation. Stop using goldenseal if you notice any of the above symptoms.

 Check with your doctor for more information about the side effects of goldenseal.


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