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Linzhi Mushroom[/caption]

Lingzhi Mushroom Uses and Benefits. Is Linzhi or Reishi Mushroom good for weight loss?

Ling Zhi   or   Reishi     Mushroom


Today Ling zhi herb  are  grown in sawdust and logs.  Lngzhī, “Spirit Mushroom”) as it is sometimes called is a saprophytic fungus that naturally grows on the base and stumps off decaying hardwoods, mountains, and valleys in the wild. Ganoderma lucidum( as it is scientifically called ) tastes somewhat neutral. It is said to make one enlightened. In Japan, it is called Reishi.

Linzhi has been used because of its properties, for medicinal and spiritual purposes for a very long time. 

Ling Zhi and weight loss. Is lingzhi good for weight loss?

 Ganoderma lucidum, also known as the lingzhi mushroom, can help you to lose weight. This herb has a gut bacterium that can prevent obesity.

Researchers have indicated in a publication stated in their findings in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Nature Communications that “ Ganoderma lucidum mycelium extract can adjust the composition of gut microbiota and produce a weight-loss effect.”

 Lingzhi is therefore used as a weight management product. Those looking to lose weight have always used ling zhi to speed up the metabolism and fat-burning process.

Eat a balanced diet and exercise for this herb to be effective in a short period of 4 weeks.

How I prepare my ling zhi tea for weight loss

I  usually buy lingzhi from the botanical store. I boil hot water and  pour the hot water into a cup with the washed Lingzhi slices and green tea  inside the cup. I allow it to absorb for 10 minutes. I add honey to sweeten the taste.  I stir and drink

I sometimes put slices of Lingzhi  and green tea in the kettle and boil the water and allow it simmer for 20 to 40 minutes. I pour the drink into a glass or cup and add honey to sweeten it and drink. I would reuse the water in the kettle again for another 2  to 3 times to get all the nutrients before finally discarding. It surely detoxifies and make you eat much less.


. The tea bolsters the gut microbiota, fight free radicals and  toxins that will have entered the blood from the intestines  and bad cholesterol that contribute to obesity,


Other Benefits of Linzh

Promotes longevity. Lin zhi promotes health and longevity, It 

facilitates joint movements, fortifies the sinews and bones

 Sharpens wit and memory

Augment the essence of qi

Boost the heart

Prevents senility

Boost the immune system. Lin zhi boosts the immune system, along with helping to eliminate toxins from the body.

Ling zhi is used for respiratory diseases.

It is traditionally believed to calm the spirit, augment the heart qi. It is said to tone the heart blood and Lungs qi, transform phlegm, and stop your coughing and wheezing.  However, more research is still needed to know the medicinal value of this natural herbs that contain healing properties.


Imminent  Cancer fighter because of its compounds

Lin zhi contains compounds that can fight cancer cells . Ganoderma( Lingzhi) is 90% water and contains other constituents, fats, fibers, proteins,  vitamins/minerals, like magnesium, iron , potassium, phosphorus , selenium,  zinc, calcium, and copper.   The most potent of all these  components is the  polysaccharides and triterpenes.

In 2017 the Journal of Aging and Disease in an article outlines the medicinal effects of Ganoderma lucidum to include lifespan elongation, immunomodulatory activity, antioxidant activity, anti-neurodegeneration activity, and the promotion of neuronal differentiation. (source).

Dosage :

Preparation of this mushroom can take your time, which is why most people prefer to take Ling Zhi in capsule, oil or powder form. 

1-9 g per day in tea, coffee or mix with your fruit juice, It can be cooked with stew or soup for the nourishment you will get from this herb. 


 Side effects. Is Lingzhi safe to consume?

Ling zhi has very little side effects.Long term use of lLng Zhi    may cause dryness of the nose, sinus, stomach, throat, and mouth. There is a recommendation from traditional sources to use Bai Mu Er (Tremella fuciformis) in combination with Ling Zhi 

People with bleeding disorders or people taking blood-thinning medication should avoid ling zhi as the herb can cause blood-thinning effects. Diabetic patients, pregnant women, and nursing mothers should be cautious and consult their physicians before using Lin zhi. In conclusion it must be stated that lingzhi have some potent medicinal properties that are helpful and more research is still ongoing to determine the medicinal value of lingzhi.

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