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Oregano essential oil for weight loss.

Dried Oregano Leaves

Oregano has been known to man for centuries. Oregano contains a compound called carvacrol which has been studied in different parts of the world to be an active ingredient in weight management. Oregano is of the same family of mint, basil, thymes, and Carvacrol,  Oregano modulates genes and decreases inflammation in the body.  Mice have also been used to study the health benefits of this substance.  Mice given this substance gain less and less weight compared to the mice not fed on carvacrol.  Carvacrol tends to suppress new fat cell formation. Also suppressing, genes in white adipose tissue cells that  cause inflammation, thereby getting rid of the stubborn fats that are difficult to lose,  

Oregano oil made from oregano plants is available as a supplement and has been used as an aid for weight loss for a very long time.

               How much oregano capsule oil do you need?

  3 to 4 capsules of Oregon oil per day for weeks will yield positive results of weight control for you. If you are suffering from excessive craving for food and digestive problems, taking of oregano oil capsule can reduce hunger making you eat less.

Oregano leaves is good for weight loss.

          How to use Oregano oil for weight loss.

Mix one tablespoon of olive oil or other oils like coconut oil and one tablespoon of oregano oil and drink it on an empty stomach in the morning and the evening before dinner.

You can mix oregano oil, coconut oil with fruit and drink.   No sugar is needed.

Oregano oil is taken as a capsule or liquid. Oregano has anti-inflationary properties that are very helpful to arthritis and weight loss.

Oregano antioxidant properties, carvacrol, and thymol enable it to fight other diseases like:

painful menstrual cramps

rheumatoid arthritis

urinary tract infections and disorders


bleeding after a tooth extraction

heart conditions

high cholesterol

You can apply oregano oil to the skin because of its antibacterial properties. It is therefore been used for:




athlete’s foot

canker sores






Muscle and joint pain

It’s also used for Type11 diabetes and Type 1 diabetes because of its properties that regulate blood sugar.

         When  to Avoid Oregano

 Children, pregnant women, and nursing mothers should dilute the oil with olive or coconut oil before consuming it.  Avoid taking oregano for 14days before going for an operation. Some people are allergic to oregano. If you are allergic to oregano avoid it.


Oregano has antioxidant properties which help to eliminate free radicals in the body and the compound carvacrol is very beneficial for managing digestion and weight loss conditions. You should dilute the essential oregano oil with olive or coconut before consumption. You can add oregano to your food to eat.  I sometimes add a tablespoon of dried oregano leaves to my rice. Check the correct dose on the labeL before taken it, as moderation is key. If you are allergic to oregano, you are likely to experience nausea, vomiting.  Do consult with your doctor if you are indulging in oregano supplements.





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