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Paleo Diet

Paleo diet is another form of diet that is  gaining popularity. There are lots of studies on this form of diet for losing weight.

The whole idea of paleo is to eat whole food and avoid processed food with too many calories and high fats. Paleo diet is formulated to look like the food of the ancient ,hunter-gatherer ancestors  thousands of years ago which we believed involves whole food.

The plan of a paleo diet is to fill you fast with fruits , vegetables and whole foods with lots of vitamins and nutrients ,so that you eat less calories thereby assisting you to lose weight. 

Researchers believe that by eating a whole food-based diet in conjunction with a physically active life , you can reduce your weight, reduce your risk for diseases that our modern food and  lifestyle are causing, such as diabetes ,and diseases resulting from being overweight.

A Study of 70 obese women indicates that following the paleo diet for 6 months resulted in a decrease of 14 pounds (6.5 kg) of fat loss,, and a  reduction in belly fat

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Further research is still needed for this diet form to make a conclusive bold claim of the benefits of paleo diet to weight loss , as there is not enough evidence especially its long-term effects on weight loss.

But the question is , Is there a particular way of eating of people in ancient times? The answer is No.  People ate differently depending on where they came from and lived. 

It must therefore be pointed out that there are no strict rules with regards to the paleo diet but you need to follow the basics of eating whole foods and drinks.Covid-19 Give Back

Eat and Drink: fruit such as figs, strawberries, cantaloupe, mango, and guava.  Vegetables, sweet potatoes, extra virgin olive,walnut oil, spices, Meat- grass-fed, chicken, fish, eggs, nuts, lambs, salmon shrimp, Dark chocolate with about 70 percent cocoa powder. green tea, coffee, and water. If you like to use paleo flour for baking and other purposes, I recommend king Arthur grain free paleo flour which I love to use.

Foods to Avoid

Avoid processed foods such as sugary soft drinks, sugary juices,  ice creams, artificial sweeteners, trans fat, legumes, diary products, grains, legumes, artificial sweeteners, vegetable oils, and margarine, Cereal grains such as rye, wheat,  rice, and barley. Processed and cured meat. Sweets and all forms of sugary stuffed food

Benefits of Paleo diets

Firstly it is simple

 You eat as much whole food as possible and avoid pre-packaged or processed food 

The fact that it cuts out processed food  gives it the advantage of being natural and anti sugary.

It is therefore beneficial for health as more healthy vegetables and fruits are promoted. 

   Lowers risk of diseases

The eating of fruits and vegetables helps to reduce the risk of inflammatory diseases and taking  out processed foods and sugar in your diet  , helps to lower the risk of diseases that involve high bad  cholesterol levels, type 2 diabetes, and certain cancers( source).


    Paleo Diet  Emphasises Exercise

The diet works in conjunction with exercise. Exercise is good for health. A combination of a balanced paleo diet and regular exercise as a lifestyle can help you lose that extra pound or maintain your weight and live a healthy life.

 The Disadvantages or Cons of Paleo Diets.

The scientific evidence available of a paleo diet is limited. more research is needed to ascertain its potential health benefits especially, its long-term benefits.

The cost of getting paleo could be more expensive as they are often more organic and natural food.

Difficult to maintain consistency.

Maintaining consistency, by eating the same type of food is hard, especially in the long term. Because most foods are eaten naturally plain, following the eating habit of paleo can be boring after a while.

Calcium deficiency is possible.

If you strictly follow a paleo diet, there are chances that you can have a deficiency of calcium. An article, published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition,  shows  that calcium intake levels among paleo dieters were as low as almost 50 percent of the daily recommendation (source) 

Calcium deficiency is not healthy and can result in symptoms of lethargy (low energy), low appetite, numbness and tingling in the fingers, muscle cramps, convulsions ( muscle spasms), and abnormal heartbeats. In the worst situation, it can lead to skeletal disorders such as osteoporosis.

It is therefore advisable to ensure that you have enough calcium when following a paleo diet. For those who love to eat snacks, you can try the power ball paleo snack which is good and nutritious.



Paleo diets, avoid processed food and drinks. The emphasis  is “eat whole.”

If you are out eating, simply eat some semblance of paleo by ordering chicken, eggs, or fish and an extra of vegetables.

It must be noted that some versions of the paleo diet are less strict than others and allow the eating of legumes, some dairy products, or peanuts.

The concept is not new and is a recycled form of eating. However, it is known that Paleo diets can lead to weight loss or maintenance of your weight, If combined with exercise and followed consistently, you are most likely to see results in 4 weeks. And don’t forget to detoxify your body from time to time. You can use organic detox to detoxify as it is an excellent detoxifier.


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