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Saffron Health Benefits is now widely known. Saffron with crocus flower isolated on white background

Saffron uses and Benefits

Saffron spice, saffron tea, saffron seasoning spice, medicinal  herb ,as supplement, or as coloring agent are some of the ways in which saffron is used. It is got from the crocus satvus which is the scientific name of the flower popularly known as Saffron Crocus. It only flowers for about three to four weeks between October to November. Saffron is the most costly spice by weight. The harvesting by hand of Saffron is the main reason for its expensive price. It could take almost two days to harvest just a kilogram of quality Saffron .The quality of Saffron you get depends on the soil, rain fall and temperature.Saffron is effectively used in a variety of medicinal  ways

1. As an Aphrodisaic

People use saffron to  enhance libido functions. Studies have shown that taking saffron improve the erectile function of people suffering from low libido. It is therefore noted that saffron may help both men and women suffering from low libido , expecially those suffering from taking anti depressing drugs.

  1.  2. As an Antioxidant

Saffron is has anti oxidant properties and compounds like croticin, crocin, krampferol and safranai that protects you from free radicals and could protect your heart.

  1.  3. Cancer fighting Agent

Kaempferol found in Saffron  fights cancer cells .Studies on animals reveal that the use of Saffron can be used to suppress or kill colon cancer cells and this is applicable to other cancer cells

  1.  4. As as Weight loss aid

  2.   Studies have shown that people who take saffron have lesser cravings

The compounds in Saffron aid weight loss  as it reduces appetite and craving thus aiding weight loss. To burn out your stubborn fat in the belly , use Okinawa flat belly tonic to burn the stubborn fat.

  1.           5. As a coloring agent.  Saffron can be added to your food to give color and flavor

  2.          6. Used as mood and anti depressant product

Saffron is believed to improve moods and is used as an anti depressant substance. Also its bright color may help brighten your mood. Saffron supplements are used effectively to treat depression. However more studies are needed in this arena before making a definitive conclusion as to the  use  of saffron as a treatment for mild to moderate depression

  1.    7. Mental Health

Studies reveal that it can help protect your brain cells from oxidation   improving your memory ,learning abilities aad mood. It may improve memory of people with Alzhemer disease

  1.          8Reduce PMS  symptoms

PMS( Pre menstrual symptom are

Saffron Benefits .

Saffron  Extracts

emotional, psychological, and physical symptoms that start before the menstrual period in women. The taking of saffron supplements  has  helped in treating the symptoms like headache, pain, cravings, and irritation

  1.          9May reduce arteries clogging disease risk

Research has shown that the intake of saffron could lower cholesterol level and prevent arteries and blood vessels from clogging. And could lower blood sugar levels. And to get the best of nutrients, eat superfood. Natural products that give the best of vitamins and minerals to your body.

  1.           10. Protect eyesight.

Saffron may protect your eyes from free radicals in the body that could result in AMD(age-related macular degeneration) Saffron improves eyesight.

    Conclusion and the question,  Is Saffron Safe?

Saffron does not cause serious side effects in humans when taken in moderation. Women who are pregnant should avoid  large amount of saffron as it can lead to miscarriage. Saffron may be adulterated with other ingredients, especially when in powder form. Buy your Saffron from a reputable vendor. Saffron is generally safe when taken in moderation

Saffron can be taking as tea, spice  and liquid. I sometimes use zinamex to reduce the acne in my face . open in a new tab.