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Healthy Green Spirulina



What is it?   Spirulina is seen as one of the superfoods because it is packed with micronutrients and high protein. Spirulina, what is it?  It is a freshwater and saltwater blue green algae, cyanobacteria. It is one of the oldest forms of life. It grows in an alkaline water environment in the tropics and subtropical areas. Spirulina can produce energy just like plants through a process called photosynthesis.  It can be consumed whole or as a supplement.

Spirulina for weight loss

Obesity has been on the increase and calorie intake reduction and exercise have been popular recommendations to fight overweight. Spirulina can play a key role in this regard because of its properties.

You can lose weight if you consume fewer calories than you expend. This means, the more calories you burn, the greater the chance to lose weight.

 Spirulina contains proteins and micronutrients.  Low-calorie food that has a lot of nutrients. The use of spirulina can help you to lose weight as you can eat fewer calories but still maintain all the nutritious values your body needs to have. to flatten your belly fat, use Okinawa flat belly tonic to burn off belly fat. You can use spirulin plus to reduce excess water and acidity and boost your immune system.


In  2016 an experiment conducted on overweight people indicates that spirulina may help you to lose weight. In the study, people who were overweight and ate spirulina for 3 months showed a significant reduction of body mass index or BMI,  while those who did not  eat spirulina did not have any weight loss in this placebo group study(source)

                Spirulina Speed up metabolism

Spirulina consumption may help boost your metabolism. This increases the number of calories you burn and makes you feel more energetic and by so doing assists in your weight loss.

You can mix it with, soup, your meals, or smoothies, It is recommended that consumption of 4.5gram of spirulina a day will lower your blood pressure and weight


 Health Benefits of Spirulina

1. Reduces allergy of rhinitis symptoms

Spirulina reduces allergies to dust, pets which may result in swelling inside the nose. This allergy is called allergic rhinitis. There is some evidence that spirulina could help as an alternative medicine to reduce the allergy to these symptoms.

A 2013 research found that spirulina can relieve rhinitis conditions, nasal inflammation. .It is said to reduce symptoms of itching, sneezing, nasal congestion, running nose when compared to a placebo group that did not take the spirulina (Trusted source). However, more studies are needed before scientists can conclusively ascertain its benefits to relieve these allergies.

  2.   Lower your cholesterol level with Spirulina

Studies have indicated that spirulina supplements can decrease cholesterol levels.

Taking spirulina extract may help to lower cholesterol levels.  Bad Cholesterol is not healthy These fats in a person’s blood at elevated levels have been linked to heart disease.  

Studies suggest that spirulina supplements can reduce the level of blood lipids, bad  cholesterol levels in your system. (source)

This leads us to other benefits of Spirulina, which is, it helps to prevent,  To reduce acidity and remove excess water and boost your immune system use Spirulin plus

     4.  Heart diseases by lowering bad cholesterol and reducing your blood pressure.


A 2016  review suggests that taking spirulina supplements may have assisted in reducing total cholesterol and lower LDL, bad cholesterol while increasing HDL, the good cholesterol. ( source). The reduction of these bad cholesterol helps to prevent heart diseases

 Another study found that spirulina was given for 8 weeks “increased HDL-C and lowered LDL-C, TG and TC levels when fed a high-fat diet” (source).

 5. Spirulina as an  anti-inflammation and Antioxidant

 Spirulina has high antioxidant properties. The  Antitoxic properties of the algae fight free radicals that can result from lead, fluoride, mercury, arsenic, and iron resulting from the air, food, or water we consume.  Its active agent is named phycocyanin. This antioxidant compound also gives spirulina its  blue-green color and fight inflammatory cells 

4. Good for your gut health

Spirulina is good for your gut because its fibers are not tough and so can easily be digested. The structure of spirulina makes it easier for digestion to take place therefore consuming it improve your gut health. As  Spirulina does not contain too much fiber,  it is important to add other gut-healthful, high-fiber-containing foods to your diet. I  use the healthy spirulina chlorella, which is good, although it is  unavailable  sometimes.


5. Spirulina and Diabetes

Spirulina is used to manage the symptoms of diabetes. However, more studies are needed on this

A study in  2017  on animals shows that spirulina may help manage diabetes. In the study, the researchers introduced spirulina to mice with type 1 diabetes, spirulina extract orally. As a result, the mice showed increased insulin levels and lower blood sugar levels.

6. Spirulina can help  Improve Muscle Strength and Endurance

Spirulina can help you manage and minimize induced oxidative damage resulting from muscle fatigue from exercise.


Spirulina properties help to increase muscle strength and endurance. ( source)

7. May Lowers Blood Sugar levels

Studies indicate that spirulina can significantly lower blood sugar levels.

In some cases, it has outperformed popular diabetes drugs, including Metformin ( Trusted Source).

The studies relating spirulina to lowering blood sugar levels are positive as a two-month study of 25 people with type 2 diabetes, that was given two grams of spirulina per day led to a decrease in their blood sugar levels (Trusted Source). 

A 2015  review published involving eight people concluded that spirulina has blood lipid-lowering benefits and antioxidant properties. Also at 2018  studies, 12 clinical studies in humans showed that spirulina supplementation lowers  blood lipid levels(1 g up to 19 g per day)  (source)


8. Spirulina and  mental health

Spirulina contains tryptophan which is an amino acid that assists serotonin. Serotonin is important to mental health. Spirulina properties are therefore beneficial for mental health. However, more research is needed before any conclusive statement can be ascertained with regards to the benefit of Spirulina to mental health.

9. May have anti-cancer properties. Spirulina has properties that can help you fight cancer and lastly because of the dense nutrients of spirulina it also has

10. Immune Boosting Health Benefits.

                  Spirulina for Dogs

It contains dense nutrients. It contains the highest protein food- over 60% of digestible vegetable protein and very high nutrients of, beta carotene, vitamins B-1,2 and 3, iron and trace minerals, and the essential fatty acid GLA (gamma-linolenic acid). Spirulina is given to dogs with immune problems or to boost their immune system. Because dogs with immune problems always have fatigue and low energy. A small amount of spirulina is given to dogs or mixed with their food to help balance and boost the immune system of dogs.

Studies have shown that spirulina boosts the immune system. Researchers discovered that it boosts the immune system and in addition enhances the ability of the body to generate new blood cells and promote digestion function. 

The detoxifying agent in Spirulina, phytonutrients – including chlorophyll, phycocyanin, and polysaccharides, can help cleanse and detoxify the body and fight cancer-causing cells.

Spirulina can be used to protect dogs with food allergies. Allergic reactions are a result of inappropriate responses by the immune system. This is why one dog can react differently to another dog to a certain flower pollen or a common food. Spirulina is used to reduce these allergies

It is for these reasons  that spirulina is given to dogs

Nutritious contents of Spirulina


“One tablespoon or 7 grams (g) of dried spirulina contains trusted Source:”

It has 73 milligrams of Sodium

2milligram of iron

20 calories

Protein 4.02 gram

8 milligrams (mg) of calcium

14 mg of magnesium

95 mg of potassium

0.7 milligram of vitamin C

It also contains thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, folate, and vitamins B-6, A, and K.

Carbohydrates are about 1.60 gram

Fats 0.54 grams

8 milligram of phosphorous

What are the Risk and Side Effects of Spirulina

 Spirulina is not regulated but it is safe to consume and does not pose any serious effects on your body,  Spirulina is available in capsules, powder, or liquid form. Moderation is key to consuming anything. If contaminated with metals it could be harmful to the liver 

Spirulina boosts your immune and by boosting your immune, it strengthens the NK cells in people with autoimmune conditions, this algae by doing so may worsen these conditions. It is therefore advisable to avoid spirulina if you have autoimmune conditions

People who are allergic to spirulina should avoid it. Some people might have insomnia, headache, or vomit. People who are allergic to Spirulina should avoid it.

Clotting of blood helps to slow excessive bleeding if you have injuries. But with Spirulina you might have more bleeding if you have bleeding disorders and more so if you are taking thinner medication avoid using Spirulina.


More studies are needed before it could be used as a treatment for the variety of ailments it could be used to manage.  Spirulina properties make it a promising dense food that can assist in helping you prevent heart conditions, lower your blood pressure, reduce bad cholesterol and assist in your weight loss program. To detox your body naturally use organic detox to detoxify

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