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               Tamarind Health Benefits. Is tamarind good for weight loss?

Tamarind is a  plant that grows in the tropics and subtropical areas which originate in Africa and is of the family of legumes. It is now found in many areas of the world. It taste has a sweet and sour flavor and is used in cuisine, for medicinal purposes, and as a beauty care product because of the nutrients, it contains.

              1. Tamarind is an anti-inflammatory fruit

Tamarind is a good source of anti-inflammation. The fruit and leaves are used both for this purpose. It is good to eat the fruit or drink tamarind tea daily to fight against inflammation. Tamarind consists of polyphenols, antioxidants that help reduce inflammation in the body. Antioxidants can protect against heart disease and some kinds of ailments and  cancer

              2..Tamarind can relieve Arthritis pain

While eating tamarind pulp alone does not offer pain relief, there is evidence that suggests that extracts made from the plant might help to reduce pain. Studies in 2013  found that extracts from tamarind seed could help ease arthritis patients’ pain.

              3.  Tamarind and cholesterol

Tamarind fruit and seed are good in controlling your cholesterol level since it contains flavonoids and polyphenols, which are necessary for controlling the levels of HDL-LDL (“good” and “bad” cholesterol) and triglycerides in your blood system. 


            4. Tamarind is good for constipation


In issues concerning diarrhea, tamarind is used. The leaves of the tamarind plant in infusions. Tamarind nutrients  such as tartaric acid, potassium, and vitamin C contents makes it is a very helpful  source for those suffering from constipation

             5. Tamarind is good for your liver

Tamarind could be a good source and should be taken from time to time to protect your liver from toxicity. It can be detoxifying as it contains compounds.

             6.   Tamarind during pregnancy

This historic sweet and sour fruit has been used by many generations for pregnant women against overeating morning sickness and nausea. The laxative properties of tamarind are also another reason to use it on problems related to constipation for would-be mothers. 

             7.  Tamarind for weight loss

if you have metabolic disorders that impede you from expanding your fat fast you will need tamarind. Tamarind can assist in regulating lipid metabolism, easing detoxification, and enable faster expulsion of toxic and bad fats, This natural fruit is a good diet to keep you filled up. Tamarind contains less than 1 gram of fat for 120 grams of raw tamarind.
Tamarind juice for weight loss. The importance of tamarind juice to the body and weight loss is not to be underestimated. Tamarind pure contains no added sugar or other ingredients, but make sure you check the label. And because it does not cause a spike in sugar levels it is popular with weight loss enthusiasts 
Fats in Tamarind
Tamarind has a negligible amount of fat, less than 1 gram per 120 grams of pulp.

              8.  Tamarind candy Benefits

Tamarind is a  commonly used ingredient in drinks, candy, syrup, such as some of which have sugar that is added.  It is therefore important to take these drinks in moderation.

              9.  Importance of eating tamarind seeds powder.

  Are there side effects of eating Tamarind? Is there a risk in eating tamarind

 Eating Tamarind can have a laxative effect Especially when you eat them in large amounts or quantities, are more likely to cause issues with the stomach.

Some tamarind brands candies are found in the U.S. and other parts of the world have been found to contain lead. And it is well documented that  Lead is dangerous for human consumption. more so for pregnant women, so people should be careful when they consume these candies.

                When It’s Best to eat tamarind

It’s best to eat tamarind when it is ripened and the pod is bristle as it is tasteless sour and sweeter.




Tamarind is in liquid, raw form, and in capsules. if you want to cook, it is easier to purchase and use tamarind pulp or paste. It goes very well with spices, such as ginger, curry, turmeric, and red pepper.

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